RSP-Junior Community

The former Triple Aviation Alliance was set up on the 6th January 2017 by the founder Jack Frank.

As the community has grown ever since their goal is to help grow the aviation accounts of members on Instagram by doing two things:

Shoutouts and Reposts; The members will also be added to the certain WhatsApp-Chat groups to interact with other members in the TAA's community!

We really hope that many join Triple Aviation and enjoy the new world of possibilities.





Through refounding the TAA and renaming it to RSP-Junior, the RSPJ's goal is now to connect many young and motivated avgeeks around the globe. Furthermore, their goal is that their members can help each other to improve their skills, knowledge and to increase the level of motivation for their hobby: Aviation.

On the 24th October 2017, the TAA (RSPJ) agreed to join the RoyalSP-Family and became a part of the Team #RoyalSirPlus. After an 24h online poll on Instagram by the TAA nearly 80% of all members agreed to join the RoyalSP Aviation Alliance and to be a part of the biggest aviation community ever seen. "This is a big day in TAA's history," Jack Frank - founder and leader of TAA - said after the results of the poll were announced.


Official RoyalSP Cards V4 - RSP-Junior Edition
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