Welcome on the official main page of RSP-Studios!

On this page we present our finished work and projects we are currently working on. From California to Munich, the RSP-Studios are spread world wide. Mainly working with the virtual airline and the RSP-Spotting section, the Studios are known for their high quality work, their awesome team and their countless projects.

As we're expanding our business as well, we are looking forward for own music productions in the future to offer our customers the ultimate masterpieces.

The RSP-Studios are a department in the RoyalSP which is about the cutting of footage like spotting videos, flight recordings or just lifestyle movies. Furthermore the RSP-Studios manage the RSP's YouTube channel including the video production, sound engineering and movie music. The single people mostly also have their own channels where they upload their work and also work together as the RSP-Network. The people of this network are mostly active on YouTube which means that they work together on projects, support each other and also give each other tips and tricks to improve their skills. Of course, many are working in the aviation-related genres but we have also some members who are also working on lifestlye videos like promotional videos of RSP-Merchandise.


 -Motion Graphics Developer


 -Grafik Designer


 -Grafik Designer


 -Motion Graphics Designer