Welcome on the official main page of RSP-Studios!

On this page we present our finished work and projects we are currently working on.

From California to Munich, the RSP-Studios are spread world wide

Mainly working with the virtual airline and the RSP-Spotting section, the Studios are known for their high quality work, their awesome team and their countless projects.

As we're expanding our business as well, we are looking forward for own music productions in the future to offer our customers the ultimate masterpieces.

Future Productions/ Timetable:

20.12.2017 Channel Trailer - (FlightSim) --- finished!  
20.12.2017 Happy Birthday RSP! - (FlightSim) --- finished!  
28.01.2018 Let's Fly RSP #001 --- finished!  
??.??.2018 RSP-Caps - Lifestyle --- in production!  
??.??.2018 MK-Style - Our First RSPi A320! --- in preparation!  
??.??.2018 Welcome A320 Fleet! --- in preparation!  
??.??.2018 RoyalSP B777 --- in preparation!  

Flight Simulator Productions:

  • FSX/ P3D Movies
  • DCS Movies
  • Safty-Videos
  • Boarding Music
  • Let's Fly RSP
  • Promotion-Clips


Plane Spotting Productions:

  • Crosswind Landings/ Take-off
  • Wingview Landings/ Take-off


Lifestyle Productions:

  • Travel (...)
  • Vlogs (...)
  • RSP Music
  • Merchandise Marketing