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The different RoyalSP-Spotting Groups battle each other in different competitions in which our followers on Instagram decide which group the better spotters has. Every win of a competition adds one point to their score.

How to join us


Just join us via the option Join Us on top of the website or DM us on Instagram!

We will contact you after we received your application



Requirements to join our Spotting-Community

  • Instagram-Account which you use for Aviation
  • You should speak and understand English
  • Age of 13+
  • Knowledge about Aviation and motivation to gain more experiences
  • Interest in having contact with people of other nationalities
  • Planespotting-Skills so that taken photos can be uploaded and not have to be edited afterwards
  • Mobile number so we can add you to our Planespotting-Groups on WhatsApp*

* WhatsApp is not required for joining us. Non-WhatsApp-Spotters are also welcome and will be added on Instagram


What is RoyalSP-Planespotting in general?

  • International connected and united Spotting-Community of the RoyalSP Aviation Alliance
  • Worldwide friendships built up through RSPS
  • Organized and structured management
  • Non-Spotter who want to be part of the community and get knowledge about aviation from spotters
  • We exchange our experiences, knowledge and other stuff about aviation
  • Our goal is to create an international community together - to create one team!
  • We live the RoyalSP-Lifestyle and our love for aviation
  • RoyalSP-Cards Photographer that take pictures with the Cards in the foreground and sights, airplanes, airports and other famous things that represent our lifestyle and love to aviation in the background
  • Passionated Aviationlovers
  • Supporting each other on Instagram

How your Instagram-Account would be changed

  • "Member of @rsp.planespotting" in your bio
  • Tagging your photos with the following hashtags: #royalsirplus #rsp #royalsp #royalspspotting
  • RoyalSP-Card photos tagging with the hashtags: #RoyalSPcards
  • Chance of sharing your photos on our Instagram-Feed through the WhatsApp-Groups or via DM
  • Nomination in different competitions



RoyalSP-Spotters: 150+ (on request!)

(Update every 14 days)


Certified Partnerships:

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