The RSP-Planespotting department is one of the largest sections in the RSP-Group. With hundreds of members in the groups and on the social networks and its own management, the RSPS is one of the most colorful and diverse communities on the market. Furthermore, many communities, websites and also just aviation interested groups joined us with their management and form the RSP-Family. As a hobby-based community, the RSP-Spotting Department, together with the RSP-Family, primarily accommodates young adults from over thirty countries. Our network spans over many different communities and groups, giving our members the opportunity to build up unique connections with amazing people around the world, to get to know other cultures, languages and different ways of thinking while sharing the same hobby. The colorful spectrum of the RSPS, which ranges from young, unexperienced planespotters to professional photographers, makes this department unique and an attractive alternative to normal aviation communties.


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How to join us

Just join us via the option Join Us on top of the website or DM us on Instagram @rsp.planespotting! We will contact you after we received your application within the next days. Keep in mind that our many departments need some time to process your application.


  • Instagram-Account which you use for Aviation
  • You should speak and understand English
  • Age of 14+
  • Knowledge about Aviation and motivation to gain more experiences
  • Interest in having contact with people of other nationalitis

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Certified Partnerships

As our goal is to connect as many people from all over the world with each other, we also agree to international partnerships with all kind of communities, companies and many more. Therefore it's always useful to have friends to count on and help each other in this endless world full of aviation.

Our Certified Partnerships are our way to build up worldwide friendships and connections for the future of the RoyalSP-Network.