RSP-Lifestyle, more than a flight!

Together with hundreds of members from over 30 countries and countless cities, chatting, discussing, exchanging news and just having fun in our countless groups, we live the RSP-Lifestyle. As an international community, we have been involved in connecting young people from all over the world since our founding in 2015, building up global friendships and feeling a part of a huge, global family every day. As #TeamRoyalSirPlus we are represented worldwide and live the lifestyle that consists of having a connection through, for example RoyalSP-Cards, RSP-Merchandise amd also flying in our VAs to over 40 countries and over 250 cities unites us all. The friendship, the family that connects us is constantly growing as our network extends all over the world. We are all thankful to have the opportunity to meet so many lovely and amazing people, all sharing the same hobby with each other - Aviation.

Live your style, live the RSP-Lifestyle!

RSP-Cards = #RoyalSPCards

It's not all about flying for RoyalSirPlus. We are also about fashion and lifestyle. And so we created the RSP-Cards to express our lifestyle in an until today unknown new and awesome way.

Just take a picture with your outprinted RSP-Card in the foreground and a beautiful architecture, airport, airplane, landscape, cityscape, whatever in the background. Our RSP-Card pictures represent the normal RSP-Lifestyle on the one side as well as awesome RSP-Moments on the other side.

It doesn't matter if you're living in Down Under in Australia, in a huge city or on the countryside. Don't care about everything just take a RSP-Card picture and share it with us!

As we have enough RSP-Card Moments we will make a great collage with the best pictures in it.

Official RoyalSP Cards V4
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#RoyalSPcards V4.rar
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@Sir(Name)Plus-Accounts on Instagram

The idea behind the SirPlus-Accounts is that the RoyalSP-Members represent the RoyalSP-Lifestyle through taking their first name or nickname between "Sir" and "Plus". The community can so identificate itself through the many SirPlus-Accounts on Instagram that represent the RoyalSP. Every member with such a SirPlus-Account (or renamed in a SirPlus-Account) represents the Airline and its Lifestyle with pride, dignity as well as with respect.

To name your Instagram-Account as a SirPlus-Account shows your membership in the RoyalSP to your environment and supports the idea behind RoyalSP: an international connected community