RSP-Cargo, founded on March 29, 2016, is the virtual cargo airline of the RSP-Airlines Group headquartered in Munich, Germany. The RSP-Cargo operates from the German HUBs Munich MUC, Cologne CGN and Leipzig LEJ all over the world and is known for the reliable and profitable route networks. Together with Anchorage ANC as an additional hub, located in Alaska, the RSP-Cargo runs with the various destinations a globally extending route network.

A special feature of the RSP-Cargo is the all-Boeing fleet: The originally from Seattle transferred Boeings, joined the cargo airline over the years, flying today around the world and bring products and goods to their destinations, especially because the RSP-Cargo has always seen great potential in the freight versions of Boeing's aircrafts. With the famous B747-400F, the RSPC-Airline flies to the most profitable and best-suited top-destinations in the world. The flights planned according to the route system A - B - A differ depending on the economic situation on the market, as well as the cargo of the jumbo jets.

The famous long-haul aircrafts Boeing B777F fly the standardized world tours of the RSPC. Depending on how the Triple Seven Freighters connect the different destinations, they are a part of a regular flight schedule that stretches around the world.


The B747 and B777 fleet provides the RSPC with ultimate flexibility in adapting to the airfreight market, but also with a degree of consistency that guarantees efficiency and economy.


The RSPC is the only VA of the RSP-Airlines Group that has regular scheduled Antarctic flights on the timetable! This makes the Cargo-Airline a special one and requires skilled and experienced pilots.



The RSP Cargo began with the three Converted Freighter B747-400Fs, which were bought by the VA as former passenger aircrafts from other airlines. Subsequently, the civilian machines were converted to today's cargo machines.


The RSP-Cargo flies with its long-range aircrafts mainly long-haul routes around the world. The different routes are individually adapted to the aircraft.



Big Planes

Due to the internationally distributed virtual orders, the aircrafts of RSP-Cargo are fully loaded accordingly. Therefore, the large aircrafts with huge holds are needed. In addition, the average flight time is about nine hours what requires these long-haul planes.


In addition to many external partners, the RSP-Cargo is proud to be an official partner of the RSP-Eagles. In addition to sponsorship and support, RSP-Cargo has an internal partner-ship with the Eagles at all their events.


Since the founding of RSP-Cargo, the airline has been led by the manager SirEric. Together with the well-balanced and versatile team he ensures the perfect utilization and efficient marketing of the aircrafts, which are in use worldwide.

Boeing 747-400BCF


The Boeing B747 is one of Boeing's most famous and reliable aircrafts and has been used for many years not only in the civilian sector. The cargo version of the B747-400 is a reliable part of RSP-Cargo, not at least because of its large capacity in terms of cargo space, but also because of its long-distance capability. The beginning of the RSP cargo made former passenger versions, which were converted to so-called "Converted Freighters", ie cargo planes. These B747-400BCFs (Boeing Converted Freighters) have been in operation since the founding of the RSP-Cargo 2016 and fulfill their orders all over the world. Following the Converted Freighter jumbo jets, the freight versions of the B747, the B747-400F, which had already been built as freighters, joined the fleet of the RSPC. In contrast to the Converted Freighters, the aircrafts built without "passenger windows" have a Nose Door to load extremely large or high freight. Like the BCF Jumbo, the B747-400F has side cargo doors, but a shortened cabin for the crew to save weight.
Especially in cargo jumbos, the RSP-Cargo has seen a great potential as they are always extremely reliable and have the capacity to carry cargo from the top destinations in the world.


Boeing 777F


The new pride of RSP-Cargo are the modern, quiet and very economical Boeing 777-200F.

With a much higher range than the oldschool Boeing 747-400F, it is now possible to transport the airfreight from their origin to anywhere in the world in just 48 hours. As the Boeing 777-200F does need significantly less fuel, it is much more economical and environmentally friendly than the old Boeing B747-400F. With the Triple Seven Freighters, the RSP-Cargo will fly into a great future.

Our favorite trading goods:

Coffee from Guatemala


In order to enable the coffee farmers on the Guatemalan plantations to have a good trade, the RSPC has been campaigning for FairTrade coffee since the establishing of their trade routes. Guatemala's most aromatic coffee will be brought home to the coffee connoisseurs at a fair and just price.



Guatemala City (MGGT)

Cocoa from South America


The cocoa beans grown in the Amazon area, pure on aroma and enjoyment, are ideal for the chocolate manufactories in Europe. The particularly noble and strong variety of beans that can be found here in South America is also highly valued in the RSPC and is therefore a regular freight in the cargo holds of the B747F fleet.



Manaus (SBEG)

Bogota (SKBO)

Wine from South Africa


The love for the landscape and the wonderful sunsets in Cape Town has an effect on the lovely and creative varieties of the South African wine variety. That is why we regularly fly extra wine boxes from South Africa to Europe and carry the soul of the wines into the hearts of the people.



Cape Town (FACT)

Tea from Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka's esteemed tea plantations not only impress our CEO but also the entire flight crew of the VA-Group. Therefore, we are proud to enjoy such a high quality tea in Munich and look forward to every flight to the tea paradise!



Colombo (VCBI)

Whisky from Nashville, USA


The whiskey distillery Jack Daniel's with its famous "old No.7" sour mash whiskey stands for more than 150 years of traditional whiskey distillation. To give people in Europe this unique pleasure, the RSP-Cargo stands by its name for this unique good from the United States.



Nashville (KBNA)

Clothes from Bangladesh


With the trade routes to Asia, the RSPC relies above all on the economic production of inexpensive textiles for everyone. Driven by globalization, it is now easier to transport tons of these textiles to Europe at no great cost.



Dhaka (VGEG)

Wooden products from Norway


Paper and wood! The RSPC regularly imports high quality wooden goods from the large forests and sawmills of Norway.



Sola (ENZV)

Cigars from Cuba


Grown on traditional Cuban plan-tations, the Cuban tobacco plant has been known for decades for its aroma, ambience and culture. The typical Cuban cigar is therefore the culinary delight par excellence. And thus a regular freight of the RSPC.



Havanna (MUHA)

Botanical goods from Holland
Holland has always been known for its colorful and fragrant roses and tulips. That's why the RSPC has decided to import these beautiful botanical treasures to Germany.
Amsterdam (EHAM)

Our favorite export goods:

German Beer


It is probably one of the most famous foods that German culture has shown for centuries. Brewed according to the German Purity Law, German beer has been known for over 500 years for its high quality, its special aroma and its tradition.



Los Angeles (KLAX)

Cape Town (FACT)

Buenos Aires (SAEZ)


Cars Made In Germany


Volkswagen, Audi, Merceds-Benz, Porsche and BMW: These are probably the biggest figureheads in Germany regarding the transport vehicle industry. Last but not least, the world-famous car brands are huge export hits of the German economy and will therefore continue to be supplied by RSP-Cargo in the wide world. Especially luxury cars are popular in the bellies of the cargo aircrafts, as they usually have to be ordered and delivered exclusively. For this purpose, the RSP-Cargo offers its services around the clock in order to be able to offer customers a piece of this unique perfection as quickly as possible.



Sydney (YSSY)

New York (KJFK)

Chicago (KORD)

Hong Kong (VHHH)

German Engineering


Beer and cars are not the only export goods that make Germany known worldwide. Made in Germany has always been a guarantee of quality and perfection. This is why German Engineerung such as the research technology is an essential export good. Since it is this quality and perfection that is important,  German technology has always been an important export good, especially for areas with no or little civilization, as is the case in the Antarctica, for example.



McMurdo Station (NZIR)

Neumayer Station III (AQ41)

B777F World-circumnavigation

The Boeing B777-200F fly on the standardized world tours of the RSPC. Depending on how the Triple Seven Freighters connect the different destinations, they are a part of the regular flight schedule that stretches around the world. The routes shown here with the individual destinations are the flown world-circumnavigations of the RSP-Cargo T7s and offer individual specifications on each long-haul flight. Whether in the freight, the length of the routes or the economic growth of the respective destinations, the individual routes always offer something new and are varied in every way, but above all profitable and efficient.


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