RSP-Airlines Group


Since the founding of the RSP-Airlines Group in 2015, the Virtual Airline has been continuously expanded and now houses several individual virtual airlines, each with its own unique concept, its own management, its own route network and many other additional features. The RSP-Airlines Group deals with virtual flying and the economics behind the VA-Group, including almost every imaginable sector and can thus cover the global market, which makes it unique in their work.

Economic System

With its own economic system, the RSP-Airlines Group is now clearly different from other providers of virtual airlines on the market. The unique system is used for the most realistic and detailed accounting of costs and revenues. Using the highly efficient operating system provides the pilots and the backstage teams an even more realistic working environment. The virtual airlines, which have the corresponding income and expenses, are managed in this regard as their finances and associated concept allow. Every RSP-Group airline has its own principles and, with the help of the economic system, can act more precisely and according to the role play. Only if the respective airline has enough capital, for example, new aircrafts can be purchased or new destinations are served. Costs for stand fees, take-off and landing fees as well as fuel costs are also included in the system as well. This enables an even more efficient management of the various airlines. In addition, supply and demand are important factors in the economic system and can influence the decisions of the airlines.

Additionally to the existing features of the VA-Group's own economic system, further options and / or factors can be added. For example, it is a matter of deciding whether or not there are holidays in the countries to come. This factor alone is decisive for certain decisions that airline management must make. In addition, data from external systems can also be utilized in the economic system, which makes the VA-Group extremely flexible and ensures even more realistic flying experiences.


One of the most distinctive and prestigious features in the RSP-Airlines is the virtual roleplay, which is played in the VAs. The thus fictional, virtual reality together with the specially created economic system forms the role play.

From assessment tests to different trainings in the RSP-Flightschool, the role play includes almost all levels that exist in the real life of a pilot. In addition, real job interviews are held in some departments before an applicant is admitted to the VA-Group. Furthermore, a real selection of applicants takes place and the subsequent activation of the pilot profiles, which are fitted to the respective airlines. Starting with the RSP-Flightschool, which trains the pilots each up to the captain of a wide-body aircraft. Through special trainings and the collecting of flight hours, the pilots flying for the RSP-Airlines can rise in their ranks.

The aim of the role-playing game is that the pilots see themselves in the virtual world and behave there according to the most realistic standards, work together and exchange their knowledge, experiences and many more. The role-playing game offers unique career opportunities for the virtual pilots and is anything but a childish fantasy.



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