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- Virtual Role-play

The RoyalSP-Alliance was founded on the 20th December 2015 and is mainly leaded by the three virtual airlines International, RegionalSP and Cargo. The whole virtual airline system runs under an economic system which offers highest realism settings for our virtual pilots.

Applicants can join us via an application procedure (job interview)  as usual where the leaders of RoyalSP get the first impressions about the applicants itself.

After the first interviews the applicants get their access to their virtual airlines and get instructions about planning flights, flying realistic and - of course - safely.

Moreover, the RoyalSP is not all about airliners and the regular air traffic. We also included a Aerobic-Flightteam - the RSP-Eagles - which do highspeed displays and formation flights on the Flight Sims. But it's not that easy as you might thought before because they're just taking the most advanced and skilled pilots for their exclusive team.

As we're not all about highspeed and perfection, we've founded an Aeroclub which is about the private flying with props and gliders like in a common Aeroclub. We're doing trips together and share the love for discovering the landscapes around our airfields.

Our Planespotting-Section offers the option to join our Spotting-Community with its international connections. You can exchange your experiences and your knowledge about aviation with the members and also compare your photos.

You can meet other members at airports to go spotting and also get featured with our RoyalSP-Cards to express the RoyalSP-Lifestyle.

"RoyalSP-Airlines" (vRSPA) Members:

v.RoyalSP-Airlines Management



             Chief Executive Officer  
                      and Founder  
      Vice Chief Executive Officer    
                       SirLeo                            SirSimon                        SirEric

Executive Manager of RSP-Regional

Executive Manager of RSP-International  Executive Manager of RSP-Cargo
                       SirNando                        SirDonald                         SirFoxy
  Executive Manager of RSP-Eagles        Executive Manager of RSP-Express  Executive Manager of Cargo-Prime
                       SirAlex                        SirClemens                        SirGregory 
 Executive Manager of RSP-Air Race     Executive Manager of Aero Club     Executive Manager of Sky Club
                       SirMatthias                        SirSalomon                        SirDaniel
             Assistant of the CEO            Assistant of the VCEO              Manager of vAWAG´s
                       SirEdward                        SirSam                        SirKevin                   
     Executive Hub-Manager vRSPA               Flight Management                Financial Manager and 
      E.-Manager of v.Economic-System
                       SirJack                        SirFlo                        SirJonah 
                  H.R. Manager                Operations Manager                         Designer
                       SirNathan                        SirRichard                        
            System Administration
                       IT-Manager                  Legal Department
                       SirDaniel                        SirWilliam                        SirKris
           Social Media Manager                    Event-Manager                   Tour Manager   
                       SirLeo                        SirLu                         SirFelix
               Trainer (Bombardier)                  Trainer (Boeing)                   Trainer (Airbus)
                       SirAndreas                         SirJames                           SirGloy
                   Physiotherapist                       Press Office                     Photographer

All information is supplied without guarantee.

All data has been included without warranty and serve just only for the role-play and do not take responsibility.


Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr,

die genannten Charaktere (Personen) dienen/ unterliegen dem Virtuellen/ Fiktiven Rollenspiel.

Die oben zu sehenden Positionen/ Hierarchie bezieht sich auf keine Reellen Standpunkte (...),

diese dienen nur dem Rollenspiel und übernehmen keinerlei Haftungen/ Verantwortung für jegliches (...) 

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