The virtual airline Germaxx is one of the latest partners / subcontractors of the vRSPAG, which was founded within the RSP-Airlines and thus operates only for the RSP. As a relatively new concept, the airline Germaxx stands above all for the efficient and profit-oriented use and utilization of its aircrafts. The goal is the perfect use and structuring of the airline regarding the economic system of the vRSPAG compared to other virtual airlines on the market. Also new is the airline's management team, which deals with the management of the airline and the realistic management of virtual finances and makes the virtual airline to one of the most realistic VAs. Accordingly, new aircrafts can only be purchased if the airline has enough capital. This affects above all the routes of Germaxx, which are chosen purely on supply and demand. The coordination of the pilots and their machines therefore plays an enormously important role, since the aircraft should be in the air as often as possible. As the vRSPAG has been able to improve its concepts in recent years, this type of management of a virtual airline is very successful and is now even more perfected by the new airline Germaxx.

The beginning is a B737-800 fleet of former RSP-International aircrafts, which can be used RSP-wide depending on demand and can be leased by other virtual airlines of course.

Accordingly, the bilances of Germaxx are quite good because their aircrafts are only for maintenance for longer periods on the ground and otherwise constantly flying. This mobility is one of the many advantages of Germaxx and makes it to one of the most profitable airlines in the RSP.