Frequently Asked Questions - Q/A


Q: What does RSP mean?

A: RSP is the short form of "RoyalSirPlus". We ourselves often say RoyalSP. The name was created while flying online in FSX. The founding members had uniform user names, from which the name RSP was later derived. 



Q: What is RSP's business about?

A: The RSP is a collaboration of flight simulation and planspotting on the basis of several social platforms. Basically it is about managing aviation and lifestyle communities from all over the world. 



Q: Is there a minimum age to be a member?

A: The RSP is divided into several departments and subgroups. Depending on this, there are also minimum age requirements. Current information can be found here.



Q: In how many countries is the RSP represented?

A: According to current data, there are RSP members in over 42 countries.



Q: How many members are part of the RSP?

A: For example, over 1600 new members joined RSP in 2018. Since 2015, we have been working daily to exceed these figures. Nevertheless, quality is more important than quantity. Our goal is to promote the individual.



Q: How old is the RSP?

A: The RSP was founded on 20 December 2015.



Q: How do I become a manager at RSP?

A: By working with people you should always take such a position very seriously. With appropriate experience, you have the opportunity to participate in our assessment test. The rest is up to you - we are looking for movers and shakers. 



Q: Where can I buy the RSP-Merch? 

A: First of all, you should always know we're not making money with it. Since we don't have our own sales department, all our products are limited editions. If you are interested in buying, just write us a message here.



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