VA Backstage-Team

The RSP-Airlines Group is a virtual community fused with different virtual airlines that deals with realistic flying on  simulators. Thus, the RSP-Airlines Group covers almost all spectra that are served by the associated individual VAs. The characters occurring in the community and in the role play (represented by real persons) serve only the virtual, thus the fictional role play and are fictitious. In addition, these characters have different ranks within this virtual hierarchical structure and embody these roles to enhance, if not perfect, the realism level of role-playing in the virtual airline. However, the positions and tasks of these are fictitious and based on our own ideas or our own concept of a virtual airline. Based on a specially developed economic system and therefore its large backstage team, the RSP-Airlines Group is able to operate at the highest possible level of realism, which makes us unique among other virtual airlines. Through our structures and our own team, which represents the RSP-Airlines always and everywhere, we are able to present our own concept and not have to orientate like other VAs on their great role models. What makes us even more unique is the application process for new virtual pilots who will be familiarized with the procedures in our own fictitious flight school and equipped with the expertise to be able to operate our aircraft as realistically as possible later in the simulator. Afterwards the pilots can make their way from the trainee to the captain of an airplane (depending on the type rating) by flying lessons etc.

In general, no liability / responsibility for any overlap with real persons, events (...) is taken over, as it is already mentioned as a role play.

RoyalSP Virtual-Airlines Management

              Chief Executive Officer  
                      and Founder   
      Vice Chief Executive Officer    
                          Leo                               Simon                           Eric

Executive Manager of RSP-Regional

Executive Manager of RSP-International  Executive Manager of RSP-Cargo
                          Nando                           Donald                            Foxy
  Executive Manager of RSP-Eagles        Executive Manager of RSP-Express  Executive Manager of Cargo-Prime
                          Alex                           Clemens                           Gregory 
 Executive Manager of RSP-Air Race     Executive Manager of Aero Club     Executive Manager of Sky Club
                          Matthias                          Salomon                           Daniel
               Assistant of the CEO               Assistant of the VCEO              Manager of VAWAGS
                          Edward                           Sam                           Kevin                   
     Executive Hub-Manager vRSPA              Flight Management                Financial Manager and 
      E.-Manager of v.Economic-System
                          Jack                           Flo                           Marvin
                  H.R. Manager              Operations Manager                    IVAO Cooperator
                          Nick                           Richard                        
            System Administration
                     IT-Manager                   Legal Department
                          Daniel                           William                           Kris
           Social Media Manager                    Event-Manager                   Tour Manager   
                          Leo                           Lu                            Felix
           Trainer (Bombardier)                 Trainer (Boeing)                   Trainer (Airbus)
                          Nöafel                          James                              Phil
                    Motion Design                      Press Office                       Germaxx

All information is supplied without guarantee.

All data has been included without warranty and serve just only for the role-play and do not take responsibility.



Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr,

die genannten Charaktere (Personen) dienen/ unterliegen dem Virtuellen/ Fiktiven Rollenspiel.

Die oben zu sehenden Positionen/ Hierarchie bezieht sich auf keine Reellen Standpunkte (...),

diese dienen nur dem Rollenspiel und übernehmen keinerlei Haftungen/ Verantwortung für jegliches (...)