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RSP-Lifestyle - Stuttgart to Munich


My trip started with a Lufthansa flight from Stuttgart to Munich in a Bombardier CRJ900. Since I was traveling only with hand luggage, the security check was very fast and I was one of the first in Terminal 2, Gate 162. After the plane landed with ten minutes delay, a bus picked the passengers up and drove us to the parking. After good twenty minutes we arrived in Munich five minutes earlier as scheduled. With another bus, we went to the lobby, which led both to the baggage claim and to further connecting flights. I fought my way through the huge Duty Free at Munich Airport and then turned to Gate G24, where the next plane, a Lufthansa Airbus A321, was already ready for boardings. The legroom in the A321 was slightly smaller than in the CRJ900, which surprised me. On time, the plane took off in the direction of Berlin Tegel and landed after 50 minutes of flight time buttery soft in the capital of Germany.

After two days in Berlin I went back to Stuttgart in the evening. Again in Tegel with a Lufthansa A321 we went from the gate A01 to Frankfurt. I was sitting next to a kind German family living in South Africa and was able to chat with them about the one hour long flight.

After a soft landing in black night in Frankfurt, we rolled a felt eternity to the Lufthansa Gates. My connecting flight was only two gates away, so I decided to do another round of duty-free shopping and bought some tasty food at a restaurant. After about an hour at Frankfurt Airport, boarding began for the next flight. With a bus we were driven across the Frankfurt airport to our Lufthansa Airbus A319. The plane was a complete difference to the modern A321, which was a lot quieter than the A319. The legroom was suprisingly terrific, as well as landing and takeoff. After another 25 minutes flying time we landed again in Stuttgart. On all four flights, the crew was very friendly and there were never any problems. Especially the very soft and clean landings were decisive for me, because otherwise I was used to harder landings of other airlines.



- the Faceless Blogger

RSP-Lifestyle - Tripreport Flight EK086 and EK342


Hello Guys. I flew one week ago with Emirates in Economy Class on their route from Zurich to Dubai. The flight was really cool, we took off just in time and landed 10mins earlier than expected in DXB (Dubai). We had some little turbulences in the air but the flight was still great. The cabin crew had some problems with so many passengers on board, e.g. I had to wait 10 minutes for my coke. The food aboard the flight was so delicious that's why I wanted to order a second one but they had no meals left. So I ate some chocolate from the duty free and watched some new movies. Later, we landed safely in Dubai. In Dubai I had 3 hours rest time before I tool my next flight to Kuala Lumpur. The clean and huge airport of Dubai is pretty cool tho. There land really special planes all the time but there was just one problem: the United Arab Emirates literally hate spotters as it's illegal to spot some of the coolest airplanes. So I decided to shop some things in their huge duty free shops and wait for my connecting flight. After two hours and a half we finally got access to the boarding area of gate A10. After a couple of minutes of waiting in the boarding lounge, the the Emirates crew told us that our plane is going to have a delay of one and a half hours due the foggy weather conditions. I have to admit that I lost a little bit of my motivation then. Finally after hours, they called for boarding. And when I finally was in the jetbridge I saw that we will fly on the "Year of Zayed" Emirates A380 Special Livery. Then we took off in Dubai. We had a really cool cabin crew, I was seated just in front of the galley and so I could saw how they were preparing the inflight food. The meal of this flight was quite normal, not as delicious as the food on my first flight who was made by a gate gourmet. Then shortly before landing, the sun was already setting, I became a delicious sandwich. After six and a half hour we landed with a delay of 1 hour at Kuala Lumpur. After deboarding, the always hated procedure came up: We had to wait for our luggage. After one hour, I finally arrived at my hotel.



- Ovomaltine World Tour Blogger