Public Relations

On this subpage of the website we sum up and present some of the events and projects that took place throughout the years. Above all, the news about latest events posted here deal with all kind of genres in the RoyalSP Aviation & Lifestyle Alliance and are posted not regularly.  We want to give our readers the opportunity to read short articles about some of the most important events on this public portal. Upon request, details can be submitted accordingly, of course.





As the "tPM" became more and more popular, the management decided to take a summer break for the magazine. The reason for that is that the magazine just needs a lot of time to be produced and to give the readers a monthly overview, the magazine needs to be restructured and reorganized.

The corresponding management will let the readers know when the next magazine is going to be published.


The Beginning


With the RSPS Avleague a new milestone was set in the history of RSP's Planespotting section on Instagram! Members from the whole RoyalSP were invited to send their best shot in and maybe to become a part of Season 1 of the Planespotting-Competition. The competition continues over several rounds and at the end, in the finals, the best photo of the season will be choosen. As the Instagram Community can vote for the better photo in the comments, the winner gets a unique award and his/her group one point for their score.



500 Days RoyalSirPlus


500 days ago, the RoyalSirPlus was founded on the 20th December 2015!
One of our biggest dreams ever came true. We built this alliance from the ground up and it's amazing how many of you support us out there!

Thank you all for your support and your feedback.

Achieve your dreams, live your life and enjoy it like we do through being a part of RoyalSirPlus.



Happy #2k17