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What is RoyalSP about?

We as the RoyalSirPlus are a community who is all about virtual aviation. From virtual aviation in general over FlightSimulator-Development up to our Aviation- and Spotter-Community, you can find nearly everything in our community.

The basis of the virtual sector offers the concept of a virtual airline which is made as realistic as possible. The RoyalSP-Airlines offer the opportunity to fly with a real economic system at the highest possible level. Our airline enables our pilots carriers for long, mid and short range pilots and also carriers for cargo pilots. For this purpose, the RoyalSP is subdivided into the International, Cargo and the Regional section which are all having their own route network.

Moreover, there's the possibility of joining our aerobatics flight-team for flying with the best and most talented pilots of our community.


The RSP-Planespotting-Groups are about the real world of aviation. Moreover, in this group the spotters are swapping and evaluating their most spectacular and most beautiful pictures of aviation from all around the world.


Concluding this, the RoyalSP is offering the opportunity of an unique experience to our members to take part in an unique community.

If you prefer real aviation, you can apply for our plane-spotting-Team in order to meet other RSP members at an airport where you can take pictures together.

The idea!

The idea to found the brand RoyalSirPlus and the virtual aviation sector came up as CEO SirSimon did a long haule flight with a Boeing B747 (now it's the D-ARSX of the RSP-International) from Frankfurt/Main (EDDF) to Cape Town (FACT).

After the tour to South Africa and back home, SirSimon and his other virtual aviation friends started thinking more and more about a concept of flying together as a virtual airline. The idea spreaded in their minds with all those creative possibilities blowing up in front of their eyes and together they founded the RSP-Airlines on 20th December 2015. Since then the route to Cape Town has always been a special route full of memories for the pilots of RSP-Airlines. Therefore the symbolic origin of the whole idea behind RoyalSirPlus is always linked to Cape Town and the route down to the phenomenal city.

What does "RoyalSirPlus" (RSP) mean?

RSP is the short form of "Royal Sir Plus", the full name of RSP. The meaning developed out of the Online-ID SirSimon often used when he was flying online: #SirSimon+

Out of the "SirPlus"-ID, the concept of "RoyalSirPlus" quickly came up. SirSimon and his friends built up a completely new form of an aviation alliance that is all about aviation and lifestyle. The concept the RSP embodies is more about the connecting hobby of aviation and to connect all kind of nationalities just through the same interests.

Now, dozens of members who participate every day and bring in their motivation and engagememtn develop friendships worldwide just because of the founding of the RSP.

The now famous "SirPlus"-Names many RSP-Members use as their Online-IDs  have their origin back in that days. Nowadays, RSP-Pilots and other Alliance-Members represent the whole RoyalSP-community with their "SirPlus"-Name and show their membership with pride and dignity.

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