RoyalSP Aviation Alliance

- a unique community

We as the RoyalSP Aviation Alliance are a community who is all about Aviation and Lifestyle. Our members are spread all over the world and came from more than 20 countries. From Singapore over to Brisbane to San Francisco everyone is welcome in our alliance.

Seperated into the Virtual Aviation and the Real Aviation/ Spotting-Sectors you can find nearly everything in our alliance with its countless subgroups and subcommunities which are all connected through one name - #RoyalSirPlus.

The next level of the RoyalSP-Community is the RSP-Family which was founded to connect more exciting communities with each other. To make sure that the Family contains highly qualified people, only trustworthy and professional communities and groups get access to the RSP-Family and can count themselves then to the RoyalSP.


The basis of the virtual sector offers the concept of a virtual airlines group which is organized as realistic as possible.

The RoyalSP-Airlines Group offers members the opportunity to fly with a real economic system at the highest possible level. You can climb in your position through collecting flight hours like in the real aviation business. Engagement and motivation can also push you in your ratings. Through certain type ratings you receive the license for each aircraft type you applied for. Our airline enables our pilots carriers for long, mid and short range pilots and also carreers for cargo pilots. For this purpose, the RoyalSP is subdivided into the International-, Cargo-, RegionalSP- and more virtual airlines which have their own route network and management. Moreover, there's the possibility of joining our aerobatics flight-teams, e.g. the RSP-Eagles, to fly with the best and most talented pilots in our community.


As you're not interested in virtual aviation, our RSP-Lifestyle groups which are often linked with the Planespotting-Groups welcome everyone who wants to become a part of the alliance. New members are warmly welcomed in the alliance and quickly get familiar with the aura of the RoyalSP. The pride of being a part of the Aviation Alliance all members show often leaps over to other friends and aviationlovers who then also want to become a part of us.

The RSP-Planespotting-Groups are about the real world of aviation. Moreover, in this group the spotters are swapping and evaluating their most spectacular and most beautiful pictures of aviation from all around the world. We're mostly operating via the Social Network WhatsApp and are organized in different RSPS-Groups. Each member has the possibility to participate in texting with the other members, talking about aviation and anything else. Many of our members also build up friendships and support each other on Instagram and other networks. As they want their pictures reposted or want to do a compilation, they can simply ask the managers who then organize the requested events, reposts etc.


In conclusion, the RoyalSP offers all aviationlovers the opportunity of a unique experience to become a part in a unique aviation family.


Virtual Aviation

The whole virtual airline system runs under an self-programmed economic system which offers highest realism settings for our virtual pilots.

Here you find everything about virtual aviation. Each subgroup has its own specifications.


 Our goal is to connect all nationalities with each other and to build up worldwide friendships

We want to make the name of RoyalSirPlus (RSP) worldwide known for its lifestyle, its virtual and social community.

RoyalSirPlus - RSP - RoyalSP
RoyalSirPlus - RSP - RoyalSP


As the Planespotting- and Photography-Groups of the RoyalSP we are all about the real aviation and how to take the best photos of planes. Every Aviationlover is welcome in our alliance as we try to connect all Spotters in the world.

Why you should join us? Because everyone is welcome!

  • The membership in the RoyalSP Aviation Alliance is, of course, for free and completely hobby-based.
  • Every member is important for us. We care about each member of the alliance and take us time to introduce them.
  • We support each other because we are all like a huge family and respect us. Everyone has the same rights of course as the freedom to participate.
  • Be a part of a unique family who is all about aviation and the aviation community. Countless nationalities are represented in our groups on the social network WhatsApp, chatting, laughing and discussing about the latest news.
  • Make friends in the groups and life the lifestyle of the RoyalSP Aviation Alliance through using RoyalSPCards and take awesome shots with our typical trademark.
  • Be sure to invite your friends who also love aviation as you do! Everyone is welcome in our alliance.
  • You love planes but you're not a spotter or don't have any Flight Sims? No problem! Every Aviationlover is welcome in our Aviation Alliance.
  • The virtual aviation sector offers everyone the opportunity to fly at the highest possible realism settings in FSX, P3D and DCS. Checklists, self-modified aircrafts and sceneries make the experience of virtual flying even more realistic. Our pilot-management is always available for questions etc. to make your flights for the RSP to a real pleasure.
  • Online as well as offline flying is possible. Our management-teams are counting your flight hours so that you can graduate in your position. Starting as a Trainee you soon graduate to the position of a First Officer. We developed a system that makes you feel like you fly for a real airline. Data and analysis of your flights will be collected and you have access to certain flight statistics, e.g. flown kilometers and, of course, your flight hours in total.
  • You can fly your Addon-Planes or other Freeware-Aircrafts that are part of our fleet. Every plane the RSP has its own Freeware- and Addon-Paints