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Founded in 2015, the RSP-Group deals with aviation and the associated lifestyle on an international level.

Through various departments and subgroups, the RSP-Group has grown steadily since its foundation and is now one of the largest aviation communities in the world. With members from over 30 countries, the RSP-Group has a global network of aviation enthusiasts who represent the values and standards of the community at all times. The common name #RoyalSirPlus stands for a professional and diverse Aviation and Lifestyle Alliance: The RSP-Group.



Virtual Aviation

The whole virtual airline system runs under a self-programmed economic system which offers highest realism settings for our virtual pilots.

Here you find everything about virtual aviation. Each subgroup has its own specifications.

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Our goal is to connect all nationalities with each other and to build up worldwide friendships

We want to make the name of RoyalSirPlus (RSP) worldwide known for its lifestyle, its virtual and social community.

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As the Planespotting- and Photography-Groups of the RoyalSP we are all about the real aviation and how to take the best photos of planes. Every Aviationlover is welcome in our community as we try to connect all spotters in the world.


Planespotting Aviation Community "Planespotting Community" "Planespotting Alliance" Alliance Spotting "Action Cam" "Window view" Boeing "Lukas Wunderlich" Luwu flywundairlich wundAIRlich RoyalSirPlus RSP RoyalSP
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 Why you should join us!

  • The membership in the RSP-Group is for free and completely hobby-based.

  • Our professional managers care about each member individually.

  • All members respect each other as everyone has the same rights of course as the freedom to participate.

  • Be part of a unique aviation-based family with international members from over 30 countries.

  • Every Aviation Enthusiast is welcome in the RSP-Group.